The role of marketing in the development of the world's leading higher education institutions

  • BERDYBEKOVA A.L. - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University Department of Geography, Shymkent/Kazakhstan, e-mail:

  • KURMANOVA M.V. - Master's degree student, South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University Department of "Foreign languages", Shymkent/Kazakhstan, e-mail:




The article tells about the importance of marketing in the development of leading higher education institutions in the world. The article substantiates the relevance of marketing applications in the field of educational services. The concepts of "educational marketing", "educational services", "advertising", "demand", "supply", "subjects of marketing relations in the field of education", "competitiveness", "consumers of educational services" are considered. The classification of types of marketing is given and the strategies of its application in the field of education are outlined. Examples of leading universities in the world and the dependence of the cost of education on their global ranking are also described. The place of marketing in the training as a whole is marked, the concepts of competitiveness and its importance in the development of leading universities around the world are separately described, the theme of marketing tools such as advertising and demand, as the main auxiliary abilities of marketing.  The article demonstrates numerous theoretical and statistical data reflecting economic indicators of different countries, their characteristics, and clearly demonstrates their interrelation with each other using different tables. The high importance of the role of marketing in the education system of the world's leading universities has been proved. The perspective of application of marketing innovations for development of the sphere of educational services is revealed. The necessity of formation of special marketing services for market research and management of marketing complex in educational institutions is presented.

Keywords: educational marketing, subjects of marketing relations, consumers of educational services, types of marketing, marketing strategies in the field of education.