Advantages and disadvantages of the traditional education system

  • MAMANOVA Moldir Tursynkyzy - 2nd year master's student of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University Department of “Philology and multilingual education”, Almaty/Kazakhstan, e-mail:




The article will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the traditional education system in order to better understand and reveal the research topic. Undoubtedly, the transition to a new system of education is yielding positive results. However, the disadvantages of traditional teaching cannot be overemphasized.Citing the contribution of scholars to pedagogy in their time, we would like to prove that the quality of traditional education has been implemented at its highest level. The traditional education system is characterized by the pedagogy of reputation. The authority of traditional education has a complex and sophisticated structure, in which the content of teaching and education is determined by the reputation of the nation and the teacher.The point of its content is in the presence of a model and standards. Surely, none of "developmental systems", "interactive whiteboards", "technologies", "upgrades" can replace the unique role of the teachers. However the advantages and mobility of the updated program are endless. A traditional teacher guides students, directs them into the right path, prevents various mistakes, ensures that students achieve their goals in a timely manner and work tirelessly for it.

Keywords: traditional education system, technology, education, teacher, quality.