Genre of non-fiction works of Serik Abikenovich and methods of teaching it

  • ZHUNDIBAYEVA Aray - PhD, Associate Professor Shakarim University of Semey, Semey/Kazakhstan, e-mail:
  • MURALBEK Meyirgul - Shakarim University of Semey, Semey/Kazakhstan



The article examines non-fiction f Serik Abikenuly and considers of his work in terms of a time of events in a plot, characters, a historical reality of toponymic names and teaching of his written works. The author of the article relied on the critical opinions of scientists-researchers of the Romance genre, demonstrating an artistic solution and a reality of life. In the analysis of his written works, it was proved that the place, time of the event, the existence of characters in life was proved by the example of the works of other scientists and writers. The article considers S. Abikenuly's documentary prose that are contributed in reviving of historical figures, family names, secret legends of the kazakh steppe, heroes of the early xx century, the role of knowledge of the remnants of the past in the formation of historical consciousness. Teaching of a written work based on historical data plays an important role in the formation of historical knowledge and national identity of learners. Therefore, in addition to the analysis of literature, the article shows the methods of teaching it.

Keywords: genre of documentary prose , historical reality, stylistic feature of literature and theory of literature, teaching prose, effective methods and techniques of reading.